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1. Introduction: The aim of this book

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Have you ever come across some situations when you are in a wine, coffee, or whisky tasting? Some people would suddenly say “Ah, I tasted raspberry and elderflower.” Or in another situation in coffee tasting, some people would keep talking about what flavours they have tasted like orange, pomegranate, and strawberry...etc but all you tasted was “COFFEE?”

So what went wrong?? Why were you not able to identify the flavour of the fruit flavour note, yet you have been consuming that flavour all your life? I can tell you now that you are not alone and totally normal. Those coffees that you tasted truly tasted like coffee. It is just that your tasting skill is not yet developed and the ability to explain what you have tasted or experienced is not yet structured properly.

Don’t feel frustrated. It is completely normal. It happened to me when I first worked in coffee. In fact, it is really easy to develop your very own personal sensory tasting awareness. I am here to assist you.

Throughout this book, I have deconstructed tasting experiences and put them together again with different sensory aspects. I have also prepared some exercises so you can develop your tasting awareness step by step. My only request is that you need to be physically and mentally here with me, which will help you to improve sensory skill.

Since I am a coffee professional, it makes sense for me to use coffee as examples in these chapters. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot transfer these skills to other products such as food, wine, whisky, olive oil, chocolate, tea...etc. you name it. The exercises can be applied to all tasting experiences.

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