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10. Conclusions

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Remember when we were little, the kids' book with different fabrics and textures for us to increase our experience of that sense? At that point, we had no preconceptions and kept trying till we got hurt or someone said no, which finally stopped us from experimenting. We are actually experiencing exactly the same thing right now in building up our own sensory awareness.

Sometimes, we think we are not good at tasting, or we are not able to describe what we taste. This kind of mindset stops us from exploring. The more we engage and be present in our lives, the more we pay attention to what we taste, which leads us to build up our own sensory awareness. It is the same as you would training for a marathon, it’s important to take time to adapt.

Sadly, though we are coming to the end of my book, it is only the beginning of your sensory journey! After finishing this book, I hope I have presented you with a whole new spectrum in tasting and sensory. I encourage you to truly explore more different modalities to truly live and experience what the universe is offering. By focusing on these modalities in tasting, it will also make you notice your surroundings more.

Everything I mentioned in the book was the process that I went through during my recovery from depression and bulimia. The experiences were so powerful and transformative. Putting myself in the spotlight and revealing my personal history is not particularly easy. There were many struggles in getting to a place where I could present my thoughts to you, here. I found this to be my calling. Not just to assist people, improving their tasting skills, but also to unveil that we can uplift our life through being present. Most of the struggles and problems are just situations with negative labels. Through mindful tasting, we may also transform our lives.

When we were children, we weren’t afraid of anything. We tried to experience everything we could. We explored the world in our own way and weren't afraid of failure. But, now we are restricted by our experiences and are scared of failure.

What makes us stop trying?

We are the ones who create the limits to our own improvement. Only when we stop limiting ourselves, can we start to truly experience life and create the best possibilities for ourselves (and tasting experiences!).

May you unlock your own brave adventurer...


Side note:

This ebook is free to those who need it to be. For those who can afford it, there will be ‘pay what you wish’ option. You can find the donate button on Chapter 10. 

I am still brewing the idea of publishing the book in hard copy. The money that I gather from the website contributes directly to publishing this book. I don't personally have the resources for design and publishing. If anyone would like to help, please feel free to contact me

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