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3 times UK Cup Tasters Champion
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Freda Yuan is a professional coffee taster and buyer. She is currently devoting her career as the Head of Coffee in Origin Coffee Roasters.


Her talent and accolades are evident in her winning the SCA UK Cup Tasters in 2017, 2018 & 2020, as well as gaining 3rd place in the World Cup Tasters 2017. Alongside this, she is a licensed Q-grader and the members of Coffee Roasters Guild leadership council. Beyond coffee certification, Freda also has a degree in MBA from Middlesex University.

Throughout her coffee career, she has worked in all sectors of the coffee supply chain, including being a barista, coffee event management, roasting, quality control, green sourcing, and coffee farming. During this journey, she found her true passion in the sensory elements of coffee, which started after her struggle, and recovery from bulimia.


Freda's first sensory awareness book "Sip 'n' Slurp:  A Guide to Expert Coffee Tasting' is now ready to pre-order.



Freda Yuan partnered up with various coffee companies in different projects.

  • SCA Education in Sensory 

  • Competition Sensory Judge

  • Product Development

  • Production Sensory Evaluation

  • Sample Roasting

  • Q Grading

  • Coffee Related Translation

  • Coffee Article

Private Individual

C³offee Magazine



Meet the cup tasters competitor Freda Yuan

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Freda Yuan: The Sprudge Twenty Interview

I was one of the Sprudge Twenty honorees 2019.

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