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A book by me

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

I started “Sip and Slurp: A Guide to Expert Coffee Tasting" three years ago when I was chatting with my friend, Cat, on the phone. I was quite confused with my life by then and felt less inspired. She encouraged me to write a book about my path and here we are.

Sensory is my passion and the key thing to make me succeed professionally and personally. In my 20s, I suffered from depression and bulimia. The recovery period wasn't easy, but I recovered by working on creating sensory awareness which provided me more enlightenment in staying mindful.

For the past two years, I have been searching for a publisher to publish this book, yet luck hasn't been on my side. Until now, I have decided just to seize my own luck and share this with you.

This book is related to my own journey. It does not just provide some insight into how to taste coffee, but the physiology and psychology. It is designed for everyone who is interested in coffee or already working in coffee. To be honest, tasting and sensory experiences are bigger than coffee, so you can really apply this technique to many foods and beverages.

"Sip and Slurp: A Guide to Expert Coffee Tasting” is designed to be bite-size so you can read at a fashionable pace in order to digest the information properly and apply the method in real life. I will not release the entire book but publish bit by bit every week.

Sit tight and enjoy!



copyright © 2020 Freda Yuan. All rights reserved.


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