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My Coffee Career Progression 5

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

My green coffee experience was limited when I first joined Caravan. Before that, I interned for a Guatemalan coffee green importer during my study.

Caravan associated with a green importer called@rawmaterial.coffeeso I had a chance to work with them. That's when I really started to focus on green coffee.

As I mentioned, tasting has become my key skillset and passion for coffee. Other than identifying roast defects, in green coffee, I can elaborate on tasting further. This means that I can identify if the coffee defect is coming from the roast or the green coffee itself. Such as mistakes during processing, drying, transporting...etc. Suddenly, this whole world just got bigger! (There is so much to learn!)

Some key works I did while I was with Raw Material:

ⒶSample roast, quality control, and dispatch samples.

ⒷCoffee sales / Maintain customer relationships.

ⒸContainer forwarding and planning


Working with Raw Material, not just led me to meet some smartest people who are trying their best to change the coffee supply chain through innovation.

It also made me understand how important we are at every level. Whether you are a barista, roasters, or consumers, without making/roasting/buying the coffee, the producers would never have a platform to showcase their fine work.

Though I was passionate about green coffee, I was stressed about the selling part. It was never my best strength!

Understanding my own strength and weaknesses is crucial: what do I really want to do and how can I achieve it?

I hope you enjoyed reading my posts so far. There are more topics related to competition, green buying, and some of my thoughts of working through this path.


Drying table from Kilimbi Coffee washing station in Nyamasheke District, Rwanda.

My first official origin trip. I never thought I would step my feet in Rwanda. It's a beautiful country.

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