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My Coffee Career Progression 8

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

NEVER allow other people to question or trash your passions.

Sensory is my greatest passion. There were a few people really judged and questioned my passion for sensory in the past.

To be fair, I didn’t really know how far it will take me. Because of their comments, I had so many doubts and zero confidence.

Eventually, I ignored the comments. And here I am!

I once had depression and bulimia when I was living abroad in my 20s. It was after working in coffee that I slowly recovered from my condition. I’ve learned purging would burn my palate, which takes at least two weeks to recover from. That meant I wasn’t able to taste coffee properly. I started to learn more about my own condition and punished myself less. Wanting to improve my tasting skills became a driving force for me to create a healthier life!

My secret to success is to be present(mindful) in life!

Imagine when you are watching a movie and you have a bowl of popcorn. You become less mindful and are so drawn into the movies that suddenly you realise you have finished the popcorn. Do you remember how the popcorn tasted, or its texture? You lose track of the time and things surround you.

The more mindful I am, the more sensory awareness I create and the better I taste, smell, hear, touch, feel, and the more I enjoy life! On top of that, I landed a job that requires my tasting skills to identify and showcase the best and most delicious coffee!

If I never stuck to my passion, perhaps you won’t even read through my nonsense now. I am just another ordinary FOB Asian.

Thank you so much for your time and encouragement to read through the posts I did for the past few weeks. I hope you really enjoy it and find it is useful for you.

There are always doubts. (I do as well.) But remember, knowing who you really are, what you love and enjoy doing, what’s good and bad for you, and stick to them.

You don’t have to give up, but to accept and surrender to the situation then keep moving forward.


copyright © 2020 Freda Yuan. All rights reserved.

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