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This is the additional glossary for Sip 'n' Slurp, which I didn't provide for the first two prints.

• Sensory Awareness

Involves consciously and mindfully recognising and understanding information obtained through the senses, enhancing our overall awareness of both internal and external experiences.

• Orthonasal Pathway

Refers to the pathway through which odour molecules are inhaled through the nose, allowing the olfactory system to perceive the smell.

• Postnasal Pathway

Refers to the pathway through which odour molecules enter the nasal cavity

from the back of the mouth during swallowing or chewing, enabling us to perceive the taste of food.

• Olfactory Receptors

Specialised cells capable of detecting odour molecules, used to sense the presence of odours. They can react to different smells, initiating the process of transmitting olfactory signals.

• Olfactory Bulb

Located above the nasal cavity, it is a tissue inside the nasal cavity. The olfactory bulb serves two main functions: receiving odour signals sent by olfactory receptor cells from within the nasal cavity and transmitting these signals to the brain.

This allows our brain to recognize and perceive different smells, making us aware of the odours in our surrounding environment.

• Olfactory Cortex

Located in the frontal lobe of the brain, its primary function is to process and analyse the smells we perceive.

• Limbic System

Located in the edge region of the brain, it mainly involves functions related to emotional control and memory.

• Cross-modal Correspondence

It is like sensory teamwork where experiences, such as sounds or smells, influence or connect with another sensory experience, making our overall perception of the world more interconnected and richer. For example, when we see the colour red (visual), we may associate it with sweetness (taste). Similarly, when we hear heavy music(auditory), we might associate it with dark gray (visual).

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