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Modification for Sip'n'Slurp page 24

I've identified an error in Sip 'n' Slurp! While reviewing the Mandarin version against the English edition, I noticed a mistake on page 24. I've already made the necessary corrections for the next print run. Physiology isn't my forte, so I apologize for any confusion the error may have caused!


Smell is the only sense that doesn’t go to the thalamus directly. The thalamus is a hub that receives data from other sensory stimuli. Once the odor molecule has been translated through the olfactory cortex, the information is then sent to the thalamus to combine with the signals from other senses, creating the overall tasting experience.

Modification for 3rd print:

The sense of smell is a relatively direct pathway to the brain. This is because its neurons extend directly from the olfactory receptors in the nose to the olfactory bulb, and then transmit to the brain for further processing. In comparison, other senses typically need to pass through central areas, such as the thalamus, to reach other regions of the brain.

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This is the additional glossary for Sip 'n' Slurp, which I didn't provide for the first two prints. • Sensory Awareness Involves consciously and mindfully recognising and understanding information obt


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